Farhan was thrown out of Yamit, in the Sinai, in 1982, and is scheduled to be evicted from the home he later built in Elei Sinai this evening. Today, as then, he will set off for Jerusalem by foot, carrying a flag. And today, as then, he plans to camp out until the government finds a housing solution - this time, for the entire Elei Sinai community.

In one way, however, his walk will be somewhat different this time. Whereas last time he set off alone, carrying a lone Israeli flag, this time he will be accompanied by two more generations of Farhan-settlers, each carrying their own flag. "I will carry the flag of Yamit," Farhan said, "while my son will carry the Israeli flag that flew outside my house, and my 15-year-old grandson will carry an Israeli flag that was raised outside his home."

Farhan has eight grandchildren living in Elei Sinai, children of his two daughters.

An interesting thing happened to Farhan on his previous walk - something that changed the course of his next 23 years. An aide of then-Defense Minister Ariel Sharon met him along the way, and said, "Arik [Sharon] says that instead of protesting and starting a refugee camp in Jerusalem, why don't you start a new community in the Erez area, in northern Gaza?"

Based on that conversation, Farhan and friends started the town of Elei Sinai in northern Gaza, which was later followed by the communities of Dugit and Nisanit - all at the behest of Ariel Sharon.

The other families in Elei Sinai refused to leave on the appointed day last week, claiming that no solution had been found for them to continue to live together as a community. Today, however, the army and police expulsion forces entered the town, and refuse to allow the residents to remain any longer. In light of this, the residents have finally decided to leave without active resistance. They held a parting ceremony on the central basketball court this afternoon.

Farhan will be accompanied on the first leg of his walk by many of his neighbors, and they plan to erect a protest encampment in the area of Yad Mordechai.

The first homes to be physically destroyed in the disengagement plan were taken down today in Dugit, also in northern Gaza, and in Pe'at Sadeh, in the south. A large home in Dugit was shown on television being demolished, as a large crane-borne ripper claw took chomp after chomp out of the roof and walls. Onlookers watched in disbelief as an Israeli bulldozer began to destroy Israeli homes.

The communities of Atzmona, Katif and Slav were evacuated today, without significant resistance. The last Gush Katif community, isolated Netzarim in central Gaza, is to be emptied out tomorrow.