Meir Porush said that a large number of families were “abused and cruelly treated” during the expulsion process and its aftermath. He suggested that the government’s abuse of the refugees might be “intentional.”

Porush said that his office has received a large number of complaints from Gush Katif refugees. Many of the complaints focused on the following issues:

· Families were divided and sent to different locations.

· Transportation from Gush Katif was reminiscent of prisoner transports, humiliating the refugees.

· No food was provided to families with babies.

· Families were left without housing at the start of Shabbat.

· Many children still have not school to attend as the new school year approaches.

Porush said that until the Knesset makes a decision to set up an investigative parliamentary committee, MK’s from all parties should “visit the sites where the refugees have been thrown with no possessions” in order to see first-hand how the government has been handling the problem.