While attention is focused on the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, anti-expulsion activists have been taking to the streets, walking through fields toward Gush Katif and blocking the road to Gaza.


Billboard near Beit Shemesh reading, "Brother, look me in the eyes."

A police officer looks on as teenagers at the entrance to Jerusalem, holding signs reading, "The Disengagement Endangers Jews" Monday.

A convoy of residents of local agricultural communities heads toward the Kisufim Crossing. "If they don't let us in, at least we will distract forces from the thousands heading through the fields," one woman said.

A group that has travelled two days through fields and farmland arrives at the road leading to Kisufim Crossing, blocking traffic in and out of Gaza as the expulsion is due to begin.

The group of activists, blocking the road to the Kisufim Crossing, are approached by IDF soldiers.

Soldiers move in to clear the road.

Soldiers try to drag protesters off the road, though each person dragged off returned minutes later.

One of the activists being arrested after trying to run toward Gush Katif through nearby orchards.

Police arrive and begin clearing the road forcefully.

A second group emerges from a nearby orchard and joins the first group in blocking the way to the Kisufim Crossing.

A member of the second group is grabbed by a police commander and brought to a waiting paddy-wagon.

Click here for a first-hand account, with photos, from an activist that traveled through fields to reach Gush Katif.

(Photos: Ezra HaLevi)