According to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

at the Center for Special Studies
(C.S.S) many celebrations of Israeli retreat are being organized by the Palestinian Authority, but numerous terror organizations are holding their own, separate celebrations.

According to the report, the terror groups are awarding themselves and their terrorist activities the prize for having brought about the evacuation of the Israeli settlements.

The report says that while PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas is speaking about further withdrawals through negotiations, both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are reiterating that they have no intention of disarming, that their weapons are legal and that they intend to continue armed attacks until the total liberation of all Palestine

“We have no choice but to prepare for new rounds of the confrontation to liberate our lands and take back our Jerusalem and our rights,” Hamas chief Khaled Mashal said in an interview broadcast by Al-Aalam TV on Monday. Speaking to the London-based al-Hayat newspaper, Mashaal said the withdrawal is “the beginning of the end for Israel.”

Last Sunday, Islamic Jihad held a victory procession in Gaza, featuring armed, masked terrorists lauded as heroic liberators of Gaza. The group said it will hold a naval military show on the Gaza beach on Wednesday, in preparation for the opening of a PA seaport in Gaza exempt from Israeli counter-terror monitoring.

Hamas also held a large celebratory rally attended by masked, armed terrorists on Tuesday in Khan Yunis.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) also claimed to have brought about the Jewish retreat, holding a celebration procession in the streets of Khan Yunis attended by armed terrorists waving rockets.

Despite assurances that the disengagement would not be carried out under fire, the withdrawal and expulsion has continued despite several shooting attacks and the firing of three rockets on Gush Katif and central Gaza Jewish communities in recent days.

According to the C.S.S. report, the PA has not taken any steps to put an end to the shootings.