The one-time paradise of Gush Katif has been turned into a place of tears, smoke, screams and young children begging burly soldiers to have mercy on them and their families.

Quotes in captions are authentic, taken from recordings of each resident depicted

Expulsion forces pass a sculpture erected at the entrance to N'vei Dekalim entitled "Determination."

"I am begging you not to fulfill these orders. If you do, you will be responsible for the tragedy that follows this retreat for the rest of your lives, your faces etched into the memories of the people here for eternity."

"You are really capable of kicking this boy out of his house?"

"You are not ashamed that when your child asks you what you did in the army, you will have to tell him you threw other people's children out of their homes and gave their land to the terrorists who will continue to murder us?"

The Cohen family is asked to leave willingly. They have not packed or made any preparations. They sit down for coffee with the soldiers and tell them that they will never leave their home.

Resident moves appliances as soldiers gather outside his home.

Resident begging members of special expulsion force to refuse orders to hand her home over to terrorists and lead to thousands more Jewish deaths.

"Which one of you is able to dig my brother's grave up?" a young girl asks the expulsion forces over and over again.

"How dare you hide the fact that you are a coward behind your claim that you are 'just following orders' - you know full well that this whole business is criminal and immoral!"

"Would you throw your own wife and children out just because you were told to? Do I not look human to you?"

The N'vei Dekalim Hesder yeshiva Wednesday morning. The sign reads, "With G-d's help, the Disengagement will not happen!"

Empty home in Gadid Wednesday morning. "Here lived Eli, Aviva, Itai, Elad, Amir, Aya and Afik," reads the graffiti.

Children sing as they stand beside their home waiting for soldiers to come and remove them from their house by force.

A police officer grabbing a young female protester and pressing his fist into her neck.

Hundreds of soldiers reportedly refused orders, most of them before reaching the gates of N'vei Dekalim. Others fainted or broke down crying.

Religious IDF commander instructs his soldiers which residents' doors to knock on based on detailed map.

Youth gather in N'vei Dekalim's main synagogue.

"Garbage is he who expels"

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner instructs youth to refrain from resisting the expulsion, saying, "Victory is not everything."

A bus intended to gather those wishing to leave before the forced expulsion is blocked for hours, with paint splattered on its windshield by young activists.

A well-tended garden is set on fire by its owner Wednesday morning, out of concern that the labor of love will fall into the hands of murderers who are poised to inherit it.

Brand new home, abandoned Wednesday morning, its owners taking the windows and door with them.

Arrestees being driven away.

Soldier and protester embrace. (Photo: Yishai Fleisher)

Girl weeps as bus takes away residents from N'vei Dekalim.

The entrance to N'vei Dekalim Wednesday morning. Orange sign reads, "Closed Citizens' Zone."

(Photos: Ezra HaLevi, Yishai Fleisher and Baruch Brenner)