Youths close Neve Dekalim's gate in anticipation of the arrival of IDF & police forces

Residents blocking the entrance to Neve Dekalim

Hundreds sat down behind the community's gate.

Neve Dekalim residents congregating near the community's gate

Police wore special black uniforms. Many felt the uniforms raised unpleasant associations from recent Jewish history

Special police forces deployed against the Gush Katif residents

Police forces lined up to block Neve Dekalim residents

IDF soldier and policeman examine map to locate individual homes in Nissanit

(Photos: Yishai Fleisher and IDF spokesman)

IDF officer presenting expulsion order to Nissanit resident. Residents have 48 hours to leave before being forcefully expelled

IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, arriving at Neve Dekalim, was jeered by Gush Katif residents

Tearful Neve Dekalim resident has a dialogue with female soldier

The sorrow and pain of expulsion weighs heavily on the residents

Despite the tense situation, affection for IDF soldiers is obvious