Tonight at midnight, the entrances to Gush Katif will be officially closed. Only security forces will be allowed in, and only outbound traffic will be permitted.

Over the coming two days, police and soldiers will present residents with expulsion orders, and will help those who wish to leave with packing and the like. At midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, the forcible expulsion will begin.

Speakers at last night's meeting were Gush Katif Chief Rabbi Yigal Kaminetzky, Struggle Task Force Chairman Rafi Seri, Knesset Member Tzvi Hendel, and Amanah Settlement Organization Director Ze'ev (Zambish) Hever.

The main points agreed upon at the meeting were the following:

1. Tomorrow morning, when the soldiers come to present the expulsion orders, the residents will greet them with closed gates and various protest activities. The message will be: "We refuse to cooperate with the expulsion."

2. It is recommended that the permanent residents not conduct official parting ceremonies, in order not to show surrender. Every family shall wait in its own home, beginning Wednesday morning, and will behave in the way it deems appropriate - without violence or yelling - in order to show that they are being thrown out of their home against their will.

'We believe and we are staying'

3. The residents are very hopeful that the protest activities around the country scheduled for this week will be successful. They call upon the public to try to reach the Kisufim entrance to Gush Katif starting tomorrow afternoon, in order to disrupt the expulsion activities.

4. On Monday morning, a large protest rally will be held outside the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem while a Cabinet session is underway. The Cabinet is to approve the dismantling of additional communities in Gush Katif and northern Shomron.

5. The army has promised that all vital services would continue to operate until the "last minute." These include electricity, water, cellular phone communication, food supply, and even dental service.

6. Residents who stay past the specified date will lose nothing. Atty. Yossi Fuchs of the Land of Israel legal forum said that despite government threats, they will not lose any portion of their compensation money. He also said that there is no basis to the army's threats regarding damage to the residents' cars. "There is no need to take out your cars now," Fuchs said. The forum has been representing residents' legal interests for several months on a volunteer basis.

7. If, Heaven forbid, the expulsion actually occurs, the residents are asked to arrive within a few days at a central encampment that will be established somewhere in the south. Those who can will wage a protest live-in at the tent city until the government houses them together in a satisfactory fashion.

8. MK Tzvi Hendel reported that the army prepared, on the Sabbath, an additional expulsion route along the Philadelphi Route in southern Gaza. This, despite the protests of Chief IDF Rabbi Yisrael Weiss.

9. The thousands of youths and families who have arrived in the Katif region over the past several weeks will assemble today for instructions on the continuation of the struggle.