This brave community withstood years of violent terrorist onslaught and did not budge in fear. Yet today, the dichotomy is between those few, yet noticeable, dwellers who are packing up their belongings under threat of Ariel Sharon's eviction plan, and the multitudes that seem to arrive here every day to take part in the struggle to save Gush Katif.

Droves of teenagers walk the street of N'vei Dekalim and hang out in the shady lawn of its municipal building. Although their clothing is bohemian, and Jewish spirituality is their language, they seem ready to take on the government of Israel and its army in a test of wills. In their minds, it is not only Gush Katif that is at stake, but rather, the future of the country. The following is a document that was handed out by the Bayit HaLeumi (National Home) civil disobedience movement to the teenagers on Thursday in N'vei Dekalim:


'And David said to the Philistine, 'You come to me with a sword, a dagger and a spear, and I come to you in the Name of the G-d of Legions, the L-rd of the armies of Israel.'" - Samuel 1:17

"These are with carriages and these are with horses, but we in the Name of the L-rd shall cry out. They knelt and fell and we stood and were invigorated. G-d saves, the King will answer us on the day we call Him" - Psalms 20

Teenage girls, serious message

To: The Loyal Followers of G-d, Heroes of Valor, the Dwellers of Gush Katif,

From: The National Home Movement (Bayit HaLeumi) , Neve Dekalim Branch

Regarding: The Way to Struggle [Rules of Engagement]

The Goal: The creation of a nationwide struggle that will, with G-d's mercy, will bring to the nullification of the eviction edict.

The Method: The creation of a determined and stubborn struggle within Gush Katif - in every arena possible. A struggle that will inspire the faithful of G-d in the entire country to go out to the roads, to the Temple Mount, and every possible arena of struggle.

Plan of Action: Disorder, delay, tiring out the eviction forces in the entire Gush region, until the center of the country will understand that the faithful of G-d, their brothers, are fighting, and therefore they will not stay stuck in their homes.

Field of Action: The expulsion forces have three points of focus on their way to fulfilling their mission.

1. Kissufim checkpoint

2. Closing the passageways between communities (starting next week)

3. The houses of residents.

For each one of these points, we must put up a determined effort.

1. First arena - Kisufim checkpoint

We are continuing the fight for Kisufim checkpoint constantly, and with self-sacrifice we are winning great victories. Over 10,000 guests that have come to struggle with us and have passed the checkpoint are witness to this success. However, at the Kissufim checkpoint, we are at a disadvantage. [The Kissufim checkpoint] is a bottleneck of which the expulsion forces have almost complete control.

2. Second arena - Blockage of the passages between communities

In the beginning of next week, we will receive a very important present from the eviction forces. Instead of being totally concentrated at the Kissufim checkpoint, the expulsion is going to spread in all the inner roads. This is an awesome gift to all those who are interested in fighting for their honor and for their property, their nation and their birthplace. Each one of us must understand well: the minute that the passageways between the communities are blocked, the expulsion has begun. It is incumbent upon every single person, young, old, women and children, to take wire cutters to fell the fences and to leave the communities. The first soldier or policeman that will try to stop us - he is the front line. We must pass him (if they will siege the communities, then great! Every single one of the Gush Katif communities should become a Kfar Maimon). We must try to reach the community that the expulsion forces are trying to evict at that moment. However, getting there is not the fundamental goal. Rather, moving the struggle to all parts of the Gush simultaneously. We must not be demoralized through being outnumbered by troops. [We need to make it so that] the army is faced with a situation that it is struggling against 20,000 people in 20,000 different arenas throughout the whole Gush.

If we succeed to perpetuate the struggle for two or three days, a similar struggle will take place throughout the whole country, and the King above will have the tool for actualization to nullify the decree through natural means, through our self-sacrifice for the sanctification of His Name.

All the way from the USA

3. Third arena - Houses of residents

There will be places where the eviction forces will be able to reach this arena [the houses of the residents], and every dweller must know how to behave. [The act of eviction] is an outright rape and pillage in broad daylight, and this is what we must repond to on every level. The expulsion army is allotting half an hour for every house. Every dweller must cause the eviction to take much longer.

* Do not open the door

* Every dweller links up (it is best to be tied together) in the guestroom.

* Don't give the muggers any breaks. They will have to separate every child from their parents.

* Do not walk willingly onto buses.

* Struggle or fight inside the bus. Get off any way you can and return to the houses.

* Create havoc any way you can.

* Youth should return to the houses through the windows

* Teenagers should slow eviction vehicles any way they can

Remember, nobody knows what's going on in the rest of the regions [in Gush Katif]. It will be very hard for our brothers [to fulfill their orders]. No one knows when the order "Complete Halt"will be heard throughout the radios in all the regions.

In the beginning, in the middle and in the end - prayer and more prayer, and more prayer. We will act with all our strength, and G-d will do what is good in His eyes.