Canada increasingly fears it will be a target for Islamic terrorists due to its support of US military initiatives in the Middle East. Several Islamic charities operating in Ontario have recently been found to be raising money for terror groups.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, and for police chiefs from across the province, to witness firsthand the manner in which one of the world's most sophisticated democratic states deals with terrorism and security in the 21st century," York Regional Police Chief Armand LaBarge told Israel21c.

The mission is a cooperative effort lead by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, the Government of Ontario and the Canadian Jewish Congress Ontario Region.

Also sharing in the cost of the trip are UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, Government of Israel Economic Mission to Canada and El Al Israel Airlines. For security reasons, the travel itinerary will not be announced.

LaBarge said that Ontario police hoped to use the visit to improve their capacity to effectively deal with policing and security issues impacting Ontario communities. They also wish to consider Israeli innovations in law enforcement that will promote the safety of their communities.

Hamilton Police Chief Brian Mullan, one of the participants, said, "This mission will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the daily challenges faced by Israeli law enforcement organizations in relation to security-related issues and build on the excellent relationships that already exist between Israeli and Ontario police and provincial government officials."

" It’s important that we, as police leaders, learn from colleagues in other parts of the world and apply what we learn to make our communities safer," Mullan said.