Har-Tzion, who was a founding member of the famous counter-terror Paratrooper Unit 101 together with Sharon in the 1950’s, has been a close personal friend of Sharon for decades. In a rare interview with Maariv he now claims that “Sharon has gone crazy.”

In the interview, Har-Tzion tries to understand what caused Sharon to pursue his disengagement plan, which Har-Tzion refers to as a “holocaust.” His conclusions are not complimentary of the Prime Minister. “Arik Sharon is crazy - the great fighter is running away. He has become a very dangerous man.”

Har-Tzion, who refrained from granting interviews for many years, said he broke his silence to join the call for IDF soldiers and officers to refuse the uprooting of Jewish towns. He says that soldiers should willingly go to jail rather than fulfill such orders, which he deems illegal.

“If a Palestinian state is established here it will be the beginning of the end for us,” he warned. “The Palestinians, in their territory will be unable to do anything besides terrorize us until we leave altogether. If, G-d forbid, this should occur [a PA state] it would be the beginning of the end.”

Har-Tzion also attacked the left and the media, decrying the decline in social responsibility in Israeli society. He also had harsh words for the Kibbutz movement in which he was raised.

Moshe Dayan referred to the famed fighter, Har-Tzion as the bravest Jewish warrior since Bar Kochba--the heroic warrior who fought against Roman oppression along with Rabbi Akiva after the destruction of the Second Temple.

The 70 year-old Har-Tzion retired from the IDF after being seriously injured in 1956. A number of years later he founded Ahuzat Shoshana, an agricultural ranch in Kochav HaYarden near Lake Kinneret. Har-Tzion recently organized a protest movement against the disengagement plan among Kibbutz and Moshav farmers.