"In the past three weeks," IDF sources reported, "we have discovered an explosive device on the average of one a day. This indicates a potentially dangerous method that terrorists have employed since the beginning of the ceasefire: They are simply filling the land with explosives."

"At least some of the [bombs] have been planted under the noses of PA policemen," the sources said.

Palestinian terrorists fired a Kassam rocket yesterday at the Gush Katif town of N'vei Dekalim, opened fire on soldiers in at least two instances, and fired a mortar shell towards Gadid. No one was injured and no damage was reported.

Israeli soldiers discovered four bombs planted near Jewish towns in northern and southern Gaza yesterday. The bombs weighed a total of over 200 kilograms (440 pounds). Two of the bombs were found near the town of Rafiah, which straddles the Egyptian border. One of the devices was of the type used by Hizbullah terrorists in southern Lebanon.

Two other bombs were discovered near Kibbutz Alumim, a religious kibbutz within Israel's pre-1967 borders.

Military sources explained the dangers of the hidden explosive devices, which often look like rocks and are usually detonated through hidden wires: "Each explosive device is equal to several explosive belts, and it's clear that if an army vehicle trips a device, there will be injuries. But since we are talking about a roadside bomb attack, it is considered a 'passive act' without anyone even taking responsibility. This is considered legitimate by terrorist organizations."

This morning (Sunday), IDF forces saw a terrorist cell trying to smuggle weapons across the Israeli-Egyptian border. The soldiers opened fire, killing two terrorists and wounding a third, who was apprehended by the Israelis.

IDF officials were scratching their heads last week, asking themselves if there is something the PA knows that the Israelis don't. PA forces discovered no fewer than 12 arms-smuggling tunnels in the first four days of last week. By contrast, Israel discovered eight arms-smuggling tunnels in the past eight months.

Yesterday, over 20 Gazan Arabs arrived at the gate of an IDF outpost near the N'vei Dekalim industrial zone. The soldiers did not respond, however, in keeping with new orders not to shoot without prior permission from the highest military echelons. Local residents who saw the incident reported that when security forces arrived on the scene, the Arabs left – but not before taking several boxes from the outpost entrance.

On the other hand, in the framework of the goodwill gestures Israel is making to Abu Mazen, 16 terrorists who were transferred to Gaza during the past four years of warfare were allowed to return to their homes today. The Supreme Court, responding today to a petition against the intended release of 500 Palestinian terrorist, refused to intervene in the case.