Hamas, the Palestinian terror organization whose members have murdered hundreds of Israelis over the past four years, supports the Chechen terrorists in Russia and Islamic terror worldwide.

Hamas literature captured by the Israel Defense Forces includes CD's and posters expressing admiration, solidarity and support for the Chechen and other Moslem terrorists. Correspondent Haggai Huberman reports that the Hamas organization disseminates these materials in schools and universities throughout Judea, Samaria and Gaza, as part of their indoctrination program of the young generation.

The CDs that contain support for the Chechen terrorists - who just 18 days ago massacred over 400 school children and adults in an attack on a school in southern Russia - were disseminated in the American University in Jenin last November, in Hebron College this past February, and last month in the Hebron Orphanage.

The literature describes the Russian military operations against the Chechens as "terrorist in nature," while lauding the Chechen terrorist leaders such as Shamil Basayev and the man code-named Al-Hatab.

One of the posters disseminated by Hamas features Osama Bin-Laden together with Ahmed Yassin of Hamas and several Chechen terrorist leaders. The literature includes a message of brotherhood and international Islamic revival of Moslems living as an "oppressed minority" under the rule of "infidels."

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