A Saudi newspaper editorial in Sunday's 'Riyadh Daily' warns that “Israeli intelligence services could fabricate offences against Jews and their institutions in France and Europe to intimidate and pressure them into immigrating to Palestine [sic] and settle there.”

The 'Riyadh Daily’ added that “Israeli occupation [sic] authorities were pushing Palestinians into leaving their lands to build new Israeli settlements on them as part of a greater plot of settlement.”

The leading Saudi newspaper also said that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s “call for the French and European Jews to settle in Palestine [sic] revealed insistence to seize by force more Palestinian lands and going ahead with the Judaization plot of those territories.”

While Sharon called for the Jews of France to make Aliyah (move to Israel) because of anti-Semitism, much of the Aliyah to Israel this year is from North America – where anti-Semitism is not a factor for the over 2,000 olim (new immigrants to Israel) who have arrived so far.