Iran threatened on Monday to "wipe Israel off the globe" if Israel were to attack Iran's nuclear program. It is not clear if the Arrow can also intercept Iran's Shihab-3 missiles, which are not only faster than Scuds, but could also be armed with chemical or nuclear warheads. Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz said that Teheran had "broken all the rules" when it reneged on its commitment to suspend production of nuclear centrifuge equipment, used in the production of enriched uranium - a prime ingredient for an atomic bomb. He said that international pressure against Iran's nuclear ambitions could obviate the need for a military operation.

In related news, IDF Intelligence Chief Gen. Ze'evi-Farkash revealed this week that Syria had recently supplied the Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon with improved, Syrian-made katyusha rockets. The unguided missiles have a range of at least 130 kilometers, enabling them to reach as far as Hadera and Netanya.