Municipal council heads from Judea and Samaria joined the encampment sit-in at the Rose Garden outside the Knesset today. Residents of Kedumim are manning the encampment today, taking the place of their colleagues from N\'vei Tzuf and Ateret. The subject of the protest: A demand that the government give the orders to the IDF to silence, once and for all, the continuous shooting attacks on Yesha highways and motorists. In addition, Yesha leaders call on Prime Minister Sharon to announce that his unilateral ceasefire has failed, and that Israel now regards itself as free to defend its citizens wherever and whenever it deems necessary.

Benny Kashriel, head of the Yesha Council and Mayor of Ma\'aleh Adumim, told an Arutz-7 reporter on the site, \"I am happy that Sharon has understood that the compromises he made did not help him. Every compromise on our part, such as a unilateral ceasefire or the adoption of the Mitchell Report, raises the Americans\' expectations, who realize that we’re always the ones to compromise, and our new positions then become the basis for further negotiations…\"