U.S. Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. has once again written to his Chief Executive, calling this time on President Bush to release Jonathan Pollard. In a letter he wrote to Bush on June 8 - similar to a letter he wrote to Bill Clinton two years ago - Pascrell enumerates the \"compelling reasons... that warrant Mr. Pollard\'s immediate release.\" He noted that Pollard\'s sentence is \"grossly disproportionate to the sentences of others charged with similar crimes,\" and emphasized that the \"circumstances surrounding Mr. Pollard\'s sentencing show that fundamental principles of fairness and due process were questionable. Jailing someone on the basis of secret evidence is wrong and simply un-American.\" Pascrell concluded, \"Mr. Pollard has paid his debt to society, he is in poor health, and I request that you consider his immediate release.\" A partial list of writers of thousands of letters over the years calling for Pollard\'s release, including many U.S. Senators and Representatives, can be seen at \"www.jonathanpollard.org/calls.htm\".

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