The army declared the area between Beit Hadassah and Admot Yeshai (Tel Romeida) in Hevron a closed military zone this morning, thus preventing a planned tour by left-wing Knesset Members and Peace Now activists. The latter wished to ensure the enforcement of Friday\'s court ruling forbidding construction in Tel Romeida. Instead of the tour, a non-violent but loud and antagonistic clash between the Peace Now members and Jewish residents of Hevron took place. Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner had issued an interim injunction on Friday ordering all construction work halted at the \"archaeological site\" of Tel Romeida. Two PA Arabs, MK Mossi Raz (Meretz), and archaeologist Dr. Avi Ofer had petitioned the court in an effort to prevent the construction of a residential neighborhood there.

Meretz MKs Mossi Raz, Anat Maor, and Naomi Chazan later claimed that two firecrackers were thrown at them by Jews of Hevron. The Hevron Jewish Community denied the accusation, but said that in any event, \"firecrackers only make noise and don\'t cause damage, unlike the weapons transferred by Israel\'s left wing to the Palestinians - weapons that have caused much death and suffering.\"

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