Israel National Radio’s Tamar Yonah recently interviewed Jacob Sharf, a ‘Ben Noach,’ son of Noah, who explains that he espouses “The Orthodox stream of Judaism for non-Jews, which consists of observance of the seven laws given by God to Noah after the flood which are obligatory for all of humanity.” Sharf explains that “this is not a new concept, it is in fact the religious observance of Job, Adam and Abraham before God formed the unique covenant with the Jewish people.”

The seven laws are to refrain from idolatry, to refrain from sexual immorality, to refrain from blasphemy, to refrain from murder, to refrain from theft, to refrain from eating the limb of a living animal and to establish courts of law.

“These laws make intellectual sense to me but that is not why I observe them,” Sharf explains, “I do so because God commanded me to do so.”

Sharf was raised “a nominal Christian” and began studying the New Testament on his own, slowly discarding belief after belief through study of the Old Testament until he and his study partners found themselves with an identical belief system to Orthodox Judaism. He then pursued conversion to Judaism until he “realized that God had made [him] a non-Jew for a reason” and decided that there was much work to be done spreading monotheism’s belief in the One God of Abraham among the non-Jews of the world.

Sharf described the difficulty of maintaining a Noahide life and finding a support structure. “Often one finds oneself the only Ben Noach in a city,” he laments. However, with the advent of the Internet, thousands of Bnei Noach have been able to form online communities and several physical communities have formed as well. Places such as Dallas, Texas are host to hundreds of Bnei Noach and Wendell Jones (the famed archaeologist on whom the Indiana Jones movies were loosely based) even led his church to become Bnei Noach “removing the cross and the New Testament from the house of worship.”

Sharf runs an educational web site called and started a Bnei Noach dating web site as well in an attempt to allow single Bnei Noach to meet one another. HaMayim means “the water” and is a reference to the verse in Isaiah (11:9) which prophesies that as the redemption of the world draws near “the earth shall be full of the knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea.”

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