Anat Meir grieves on her husband's grave
Anat Meir grieves on her husband's graveChaim Goldberg/Flash90

Photographer Chaim Goldberg caught a moving moment on camera as Anat Meir marked what should have been the 31st birthday of her husband, Major (res.) David Meir, who fell during the heroic battle in Kibbutz Be'eri on October 7th.

Meir was an officer in Sayeret Matkal and is buried in Kochav Hashachar where he lived with Anat and their infant son.

Anat wrote on social media: "Birthday. We probably would have had a quiet night at home, we would have made something tasty to eat. Maybe some steaks on the grill, or a tuna steak on good mashed potatoes with a lot of butter."

Anat addressed her late husband: "A birthday is this point in time where you look at your life and say thanks. And even now when my heart is broken I want to thank you. Thank you for being mine, thank you for the pure happiness that you gave me every moment I was at your side. Thank you for making me a better person. For leaving so much of you, and that you continue to be by my side at all times, because otherwise, I can't explain how I'm surviving this madness.

"This year, I say thanks for things I never imagined I'd say thanks for. Thank you for the last words that you managed to send me, which were worth more than gold. Thank you for leaving me with so many gifts, values, love, memories, a clear path, and strength," Anat continued.

She added: "This year, when I blow out the candles, for me, I ask to have you and the life that we had back. And for us all, for better days when everyone returns to their homes, when we can all fight together."