Hassan Nasrallah
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Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah says his organization will continue to assist the Palestinian Arab terror organizations led by Hamas to reach their goals.

In an address delivered in Beirut, Nasrallah stated: "The resistance in Lebanon (Hezbollah) continues in the journey it started on October 8th with al-Aqsa Flood (the Arab name for the attack on Israel) so it could reach the goal desired by all fronts and there is no option to back down from it."

According to Nasrallah the military assistance by groups in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq, and the diplomatic assistance by Syria and Iran are "the happy picture" in contrast to the "sad picture" of the Arab and Islamic world's stance on Gaza.

Nasrallah further stated that what is important is not the majority opinion, but rather the truth, whether it's with the majority or the minority.

"If the majority of the world is silent, doesn't help Gaza, and supports Israel, it has no connection to the truth," the arch-terrorist stated.

"The occupation military is a military without morals and the truth about it is beginning to come out. For weeks no aid has entered Gaza which is suffering a threat of famine, plague, and illness. Can we continue with this reality in Gaza?" he pondered facetiously.

"We believe that we are doing our duty, every day we accompany martyrs, we are proud of them, and the best of our brothers are martyred and our leaders are martyrs," Nasrallah added and noted: "When those among us are martyred, when our houses are destroyed, or when they threaten war, we do not fear and we will not shirk our responsibility."

The Hezbollah leader posed a question to Muslims around the world: "What are the Muslims spending their money on that two million Muslims in Gaza are dying of starvation, and why are they collecting tanks, planes, and powerful capabilities?"