Gaza residents on the background of Gaza City ruins
Gaza residents on the background of Gaza City ruinsAttia Muhammed/Flash90

The IDF distributed written announcements to all residents of Gaza City to evacuate south to the humanitarian zone.

The residents were asked to go towards Deir al-Balah, stating that "Gaza City will remain a dangerous combat zone.”

This morning the IDF announced that commando fighters and the multidimensional unit joined military activities through the night at the UNRWA headquarters of ​​Gaza City, where Division 99 operates.

The soldiers raided the building, eliminated terrorists in short-range battles, arrested more terrorists and located many weapons.

The IDF also updated that in the last day forces of Division 98 eliminated dozens of terrorists in the Shejaiya area and destroyed a route of underground tunnels.

The paratrooper unit identified ten terrorists observing the forces from a building in the region, and destroyed the building where the terrorists were operating in a combined attack from the ground and from the air.

The combat teams of Division 162 in Rafah eliminated several terrorists over the past day, located weapons and destroyed underground infrastructure in the area.