Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי

The chief rabbi of the Great Synagogue of Paris, Moshe Sebbag, called for departure:

“There is no future for the Jews in France. I tell all young people to go to Israel or a safer country”.

The president of the Jewish consistory of Alpes-Provence, Zvi Ammar, confessed to Cnews that "in order to no longer live hidden and insecure", more and more Jews are ready to make aliyah, to move to Israel. “In the mouths of people in every Jewish home comes the question: 'do we still have a future in France?'. It hurts a lot. Today people feel safer in Israel, despite it being a country at war”.

Last year, 1,100 French Jews left for Israel. This year there will be 4,500. Since 1972, over 100,000 French Jews moved to Israel (out of half a million). Before 2012, 500 Jews left France every year. Numbers multiplied tenfold.

A really profitable deal for Europe: we lose the Jews and gain their executioners.

Barcelona's chief rabbi, Meir Bar Hen, also called on Jews to pack their bags. “This place is lost. Better to leave sooner than later” - for Israel. Our community “is doomed” both because of radical Islam and because of the authorities' reluctance to confront it. Bar Hen urged co-religionists “to think about not being here forever. I encouraged them to buy a house in Israel."

“Jews have no future in Europe,” echoes Avraham Gigi, chief rabbi of Brussels.

And Leon de Winter, one of the best-known Dutch authors living in Amsterdam, whose parents survived the Holocaust, explained: “I think Jewish life in Europe will be a thing of the past by 2050. There is no future for them here and their desperate love for the old and beloved continent will die".

In the last decade, Europe seems to have developed a certain psychological ease towards the murder and flight of its Jews.

In Europe the posters of missing dogs remain posted on one side of a lamppost, while the posters of Israeli children held hostage by Hamas, posted on the other side are torn down.

In recent days, the last Jew from Yemen was buried (once a country with many Jews and where my fellow Italians went on their honeymoon to look for "exoticism"). Who knows if one day we will witness the same scene in many European countries.

Meanwhile, Frederik Sieradzki, spokesperson for the Jewish community of Malmö, declares that Sweden's third largest city could lose all its Jews by 2029.

Meanwhile in London…A Conservative rabbi candidate, Arnie Saunders, had been invited to speak by the Bilal Mosque in Manchester. Saunders was attacked.

Nazi-allied Serbia was the second country in Europe to declare itself “Jüdenfrei”: they exterminated 94 percent of Serbian Jews. Now? A terrorist attack on the Israeli embassy in Belgrade.

Meanwhile, Jewish children are attacked at London train stops. And so London has become "a no-go zone for Jews", denounced the tsar for the fight against extremism, Robin Simcox.

Samuel Hayek, president of the Jewish National Fund, shocked England: “Jews have no future in the United Kingdom,” said Hayek, who has lived in the United Kingdom for 40 years and is one of the country's most famous philanthropists.

Rav Sebbag is not alone in thinking that Jews have no future in Europe.

“Very compromised” replies the great historian Georges Bensoussan in the latest number of Causeur. “No because the state apparatus is not doing its job. He does and will do so, but until such time as defending the Jews causes him to lose the support of a significant part of the population. However, demographic change is there, whatever name we give it. Demographically, the France of 2024 is not that of 1975. In this 'new France', the Jewish symbol, confused with the State of Israel, will be assimilated to the 'rich, dominant and white' world, also guilty of the grave sin of 'colonialism '.

"In a France where cultural codes imported from Islam will gain ground, the Jewish identity sign will have little future. Finally, in a nation that has renounced its existence, the persistence of the Israeli national fact will disturb more than one. Israel will sound like a permanent reminder of their defeat. There are elements for French Jews to slide towards progressive invisibility in public spaces. Until departure."

From Grenoble, from which half the Jewish community fled, to Nice, which was once home to the fourth largest Jewish community and went from 20,000 to 5,000, to the hundreds of Jewish families who left Toulouse, what Richard Abitbol, ​​president, said of the Confederation of French Jews: “In a few decades there will be no Jews in France".

What was unthinkable yesterday is plausible today and certain tomorrow.

Jüdische Allgemeine is the newspaper of German Jews. The editor-in-chief Philipp Peyman Engel in an interview with Die Welt says that "Judaism in Germany is becoming invisible.” Almost no one dares to go out into the streets with the symbols anymore because the probability of being verbally or physically attacked is too great. Berlin has already “turned around”, according to his shocking findings, things are no different in several cities in the Ruhr. There are "Islamists and left-wing extremists who massively threaten us by making our lives hell."

During Nazism, Europe deprived itself of its best Jewish minds, to the advantage of the United States. The samething happened after 1948, when a million Jews left the Islamic world driven by pogroms and lynchings. And then again from the Soviet Union, when the "Jews of silence" left the "workers' paradise" to go to Israel, where today in universities one in four academic staff members is Russian speaking.

A civilization that loses its Jews inevitably condemns itself to death. Does Europe really want to deprive itself of the contribution of Jewish minds and culture now, leaving Islamic anti-Semitism to devour it forever?