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The Peretz family is set to endure an excruciating few days as they race to meet a July 16th court deadline. Imprisoned in Moldova for 6 months despite his innocence, thousands have campaigned for Natan Peretz’s release. With their fundraiser closing this Tuesday, the next few days will determine if Natan makes it out alive.

His life has just been further endangered after a transfer to a new prison with harsher conditions. His wife shared, “In his last prison, Natan faced three separate death threats. We haven’t found a complete picture of his new facility, but this much is clear: we have every reason to be afraid for his life.”

With the crowdfunding campaign closing this Tuesday, the family has less than a week to get Natan out alive. With funds proving to be the biggest obstacle preventing his release, a significant amount has been raised as Jews worldwide campaigned for his freedom. However, if the full amount isn’t raised before the deadline, Natan may not make it out of Moldova.

Knowing her husband’s life depends on it, Chava Peretz wrote, “Our expenses are astronomical, we need $120,000 for the fine, $65,000 for legal fees, and $15,000 for transportation and accommodation. We come from extremely simple backgrounds, and the costs are miles beyond our league - this fund is our only hope to bring Natan back to his elderly parents, our 3-year-old daughter, and myself.”

Readers can view more information and help the Peretz family bring Natan home before the deadline closes in on them, by clicking here.