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A mother of three IDF combat soldiers expressed outrage over fatigue caused by overheated tents, “My sons are risking their lives for the country - how can we let them be treated like this?” She demanded human living conditions, stating that Israel’s safety depends on it.
Attempts to rectify sweltering living conditions have been met by resistance, triggering a mass movement. Organization Shomrei Yisroel has attempted to arrange for air-conditioning units to be installed in army tents. The public was made aware of the need after soldiers reported that the tents were unbearably hot due to the summer sun, and soldiers were unable to get adequate rest.
The mother called on the public to join the movement enabling air conditioning to be installed in tents. “I’m begging you to think about us mothers sitting at home, frantic with worry. Fatigue puts them at a life-threatening disadvantage. Organizations have attempted to install air-conditioning units in army tents, but funding has been a huge obstacle.
Each unit costs $375, with full installation reaching over $1,000. For the safety of Israel and the IDF, we need hundreds of these units. My sons are risking their lives - please give them human living conditions.”