Sergeant First Class (res.) Yakir Shmuel Tatelbaum was laid to rest on Sunday afternoon at the military cemetery on Mount Herzl.

Yakir was killed in action over Shabbat during an engagement in northern Gaza.

Yakir's mother eulogized her son and said that today, June 30, would have been his birthday. "He was born June 30, 2002, also on a Sunday. We're here today burying him on his birthday."

"I want to say to Yakir that it was truly an honor and a privilege in every way, being your mother," she said. She added that those who knew Yakir "knew that he was a one-of-a-kind, sensitive, precious, pure, sweeter-than-sweet person."

"When Yakir was born, I will never forget this moment. There was this pleasantness about him. He was calm. The first moments holding him, he wasn't crying ... The first moments of his life were calm, pleasant. We already had the name Yakir picked out, but we so seriously considered naming him Noam because there was just this pleasantness.

"The things that he loved were things that were gentle and soft too," she said. "His love of nature, his love of the land, his love of the sea. He could have lived in the water if he had a chance, whether it's the Dead Sea. We made aliyah when he was five. He loved the Dead Sea at age five. What kid loves the Dead Sea at age five?"

"Anything kashur l'eretz Yisrael (anything connected to the land of Israel), the air, he breathed it in," she said.

"Yakir had so many dreams. He was home last Shabbat," she continued. "At the Shabbat table, he was talking about, when he gets out in August from miluim (reserve duty) what he's gonna do. He was gonna volunteer in the south. But if the chance before that or in the middle for that comes up to give his kidney to somebody or to be a bone marrow donor, he'll stop the volunteer work and do that." He had become passionate about becoming an organ donor in his mid-teens, a wish that is now being fulfilled as many of his organs are being donated in the wake of his passing.

She noted that Yakir was looking to go into education for his career and children loved him.

"Yakir didn't have a lot of fears. He was ready. He was willing to give his life. He knew it was a big risk. He was ready for it, to give for our precious state. And that's exactly what happened. He was ready when it happened," she said.