Queens, New York
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Anti-Israel vandals defaced the Queens home of Congressman Gregory Meeks’ (D-NY) yesterday (Sunday), the New York Post reported.

Rep. Meeks found posters and chalk graffiti on his home in the Saint Albans neighborhood on Sunday afternoon. The vandals wrote or posted “Free Palestine,” “bootlicker,” and “blood on your hands” on the Congressman's home.

The words "war criminal" were also written on his driveway.

The NYPD is investigating the incident as a case of criminal mischief.

Last week, the Washington Post reported that Meeks, who is the highest-ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, helped push through an $18 billion arms sale to Israel that includes the sale of 50 military aircraft, air-to-air missiles, and munitions kits to convert 'dumb bombs' into guided munitions.

It is not currently known if the vandals targeted Meeks due to the arms sale.

New York City has seen a spate of antisemitic incidents in recent weeks, including vandalism and graffiti.

A week and a half ago, the word 'Palestine' was found written in green ink or paint on the wall of the synagogue.

A few days earlier, the homes of multiple officials affiliated with the Brooklyn Museum were targeted by antisemitic vandals.

The Brooklyn Heights apartment building of Museum Director Anne Pasternak was among the homes that were vandalized. The vandals hung a sign that read 'Anne Pasternak Brooklyn Museum White Supremacist Zionist' and spray-painted an inverted red triangle, a Hamas symbol used to identify Israeli targets, on Pasternak's door along with other red graffiti.

The homes of Jewish members of the museum's board were also targeted.