Construction of the INS Drakon
Construction of the INS DrakonIDF spokesperson

A Russian spy ship is likely gathering intelligence on Israel's newest submarine, Naval News reported.

The submarine, INS Drakon, will be on sea trials following its construction in Germany. According to the report, Russia's Sibiryakov and Wassili Tatischtschew may be gathering intelligence on these trials.

Naval News noted that sea trials are "an incredibly sensitive time for new submarines," and that these trials expose them "to unwanted attention from other navies." It is usually easier to gather information during a sea trial than after the submarine is already in service.

The site quoted naval analyst Droxford Maritime, who brought detailed analysis of the Sibiryakov‘s movements which likely correspond to the INS Drakon's trials. German media has reported that the Wassili Tatischtschew has also taken up position off Kiel.

The public has not been given access to the INS Drakon's sea trials, Naval News stressed.