Itzik Bonzel
Itzik BonzelArutz Sheva

Itzik Bonzel, who lost his son SSG Amit Bonzel in battle in Gaza, launched a harsh and unprecedented attack on IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi for his part in the failures that led to the October 7th massacre.

"Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi is a war criminal. I swear here, as swore in other places, that I will haunt him and the others until their last day. They will not get away with an inquiry commission," the bereaved father declared.

He added: "We, like many others, visit the cemeteries and I stand there, look, and say to myself - this boy should have been alive now - if these criminals would have paid attention to the intelligence warnings and would be running a military as they should. They will stand trial. In the past six months, I met hundreds of thousands of Israelis who swear as I do and we will put them on trial. It will not end like the Meron disaster where 45 Jews died and no one paid the price."

Bozel claimed: "We the parents have the legal right and we will stand at every place and wait for them. Do you know why they don't resign? Because they know that the nation is waiting for them.

"They are getting the papers and documents ready. They know that they will need to be judged for the deaths of hundreds of Jews, for those who were abducted, for the nation of Israel who was hurt, and for the country which is close to falling apart. They know that the people, from right and left, agree that they need to be put on trial," he concluded.