Hamas terrorists, archive
Hamas terrorists, archiveYousef Mohammed/FLASH90

The IDF is currently using noncombat personnel to guard Hamas terrorists in military prisons.

A source familiar with the matter said to Israel Hayom that this was "nothing less than a scandal." The report follows previous complaints of reservist women assigned to guard Hamas terrorists, and subsequently regarding the deployment of young conscript soldiers in the same role.

Informed sources note that from a security standpoint, the deployment of an organic unit, with a structured command, is preferable to soldiers recently assigned and without combat training.

Principally, the responsibility for the incarceration of security prisoners - including Hamas terrorists - after their interrogation by security agencies, is that of the Israel Prison Service. However, since October 7th, the number of security prisoners has increased significantly. From the Gaza Strip alone, 4,500 terrorists, including Hamas terrorists, were brought to Israeli prisons. Initially, most of them were concentrated at the Sde Teiman base, but following a petition by the Association for Civil Rights, they were transferred to the Anatot prison, and subsequently to the Ofer prison.

Due to the large number of detainees, the Israel Prison Service was unable to meet the challenge, and the IDF was called upon to find soldiers to guard the terrorists themselves, as well as soldiers to secure the facilities in which they are held. More recently, a gradual transfer of several dozen terrorists per day to the Israel Prison Service has been taking place, but numerous terrorists are currently being held at Ofer Prison.

For years, the IDF has been sending noncombat personnel to the task of protecting towns and routine patrols, but for the most part, they are not solely responsible for a town or sector, and in the event of an emergency they call up forces nearby. Now, noncombat soldiers are guarding the prison on their own for a week at a time, and by the time they get acclimated, they are replaced by others.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office commented: "The national responsibility for the incarceration of security detainees after interrogation lies with the Israel Prison Service. Due to the large number of enemy detainees and the lack of incarceration facilities in the IPS, organizational and force-building processes were carried out in order to support the operational need of the State of Israel."

"All IDF staff are required to secure various security missions and the IDF allocates to these missions only those who are found to be fit for duty and this after preparation for the mission. The treatment of detainees is carried out under security and strict procedures and by those in regular and reserve service who have undergone appropriate training.”