The town of Eli
The town of EliSara Diament/ Flash 90

Despite months of protests in the Jewish town of Eli, the community council has issued a decision allowing Palestinian Authority Arab workers to enter the town for a number of projects - but not for work on new projects.

"The Eli Town Council has taken upon itself to act and to advance efforts to not be dependent on Arab labor," the decision read. "As part of this, it was decided that the town of Eli will not advance new projects with Arab workers who hold green identity cards."

At the same time, however, some of the construction projects are not included in the decision.

"Despite the aforementioned, and to fulfill the town's obligations, and in light of the fact that there are large projects which are at advanced stages of construction located on the outskirts of the town, where we cannot change the method of construction right now (Jewish workers, foreign workers, etc.), the Town Council will therefore present one project for a security inspection, and in the future will present the project of constructing schools and preschools, due to the very great need for their construction."

The town also emphasized that the exceptions are constantly being reassessed: "Even what was mentioned will be re-examined after three months. We will re-examine how we meet the security conditions that the Brigade Commander has instituted, and the town's and security department's ability to meet those conditions. If everything is as it should be, we will also examine continuing the construction of a single additional project."

"The nation of Israel is now at war, and many issues are being clarified and advanced during this crucial time in Israeli society. We as a town have merited to take part in the change in building the Land and be among those who push for progress in that area as well, working gradually, responsibly, and with clarity. Together, we will win," the town concluded.