MG Yaron Finkelman in Gaza
MG Yaron Finkelman in GazaIDF Spokesperson

The Commanding Officer of the Southern Command, MG Yaron Finkelman, held a situational assessment on Sunday in Rafah with the Commanding Officer of the 162nd Division, BG Itzik Cohen, the Commanding Officer of the 401st Brigade, COL Benny Aharon, and other commanders. MG Finkelman spoke with the commanders about the operational achievements in the Rafah area and the development of the operations.

"We are here in Tel al-Sultan, Rafah. After a painful event that happened yesterday, when we lost soldiers and lost commanders during an operation. These are our best sons, our directive is to continue forward, and you are doing it," stated Finkelman.

"You are defeating the [Hamas] Rafah Brigade, and we will act and continue until we defeat it," he added.

The commanding officer continued: "The actions we have to do, one, the most important, to continue the operations and the mission. And the next thing is to finish the investigation and study it going forward. Our duty is to learn from it and improve."

He concluded: "We must continue operational activity forward to our objectives, which is the defeat of the Rafah Brigade and the destruction of all enemy infrastructure here in the area."

מפקד פיקוד הדרום: "נפעל ונמשיך עד שנכריע את חטיבת רפיח"צילום: דובר צה"ל