Musician Aaron Holder released the music video for his song "I Won't Let You Down," which was filmed on-site in several locations in Israel, including the ruins of a community destroyed during the October 7th attack.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva-Israel National News, Holder explained the road leading to the song's release: "I got to Israel before Sukkot, I was there for the holidays and also to record my music. Finally, after years of searching for the right people to work with, the right sound, I found my place in Israel and I had scheduled to record on October 8th, on Sunday. It was before the war."

He continued to recount: "Regardless of what had happened, I still showed up to the studio. The night before I was at the closest base I could get to, to play music for the soldiers."

From October 8th, Holder recorded three songs. "This is one of the three, that are going to be coming out once per month, and this one is about the whole process of my time in Israel. I was there for months, working on the soldiers, giving chiropractic care, giving treatments, because I’m also a chiropractor, and singing to them, just bringing a lot of achdut (unity) and as much simcha (joy) as I could."

He explained: "I had a very close connection with paratroopers and 551, north and south of Gaza, and now I’m actually planning on coming back in July to help them out, as they go to the north in July."