Yair Roitman's parents eulogize him
Yair Roitman's parents eulogize himCourtesy of the photgrapher

The funeral of Sergeant Yair Roitman, a combat soldier in training in the Givat patrol, who died of his wounds on Saturday, after being seriously injured early last week in a battle in southern Gaza.

Yair's mother, Riki, eulogized him: "How do you eulogize a child? I never imagined such a situation. You were a perfect child – but I always felt that you were too good for this world. You were a child who never gave up – you did what you wanted – and you swept everyone after your dreams. Whatever I say is nothing compared to who you really were. Please look after us and always be with us, as you were in your life. I ask everyone who hears me to ensure our unity and connection – and to understand that we are one nation and one country. We are all fighting for it together. Be happy – we will be too. Yair was killed for what he believed in and loved. Please God – we will win."

Yair’s father Eitan: "When I think of Yair - I remember that in every difficult situation he found himself in, he knew how to turn it into something funny. Today I say this so that you can pass it on to the soldiers – there is no point in crying. I am asking that to become stronger, everyone takes a little something from him, because it helps Yair's soul. I also ask all soldiers – Yair is dead – please do not let it be in vain. Guys, we want a victory."

Efrat, Yair’s sister, said farewell to him: "Yair, thank you for what you were for me. My hero. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Thanks for the privilege. I believe with all my heart that you will watch over me from above as well."

The funeral was also attended by Minister Orit Strock, as the representative of the Israeli government, as well as former MK, Moshe Feiglin, whose grandson fell in Gaza last week.