Donald Trump
Donald TrumpREUTERS

Former US President, Donald Trump, celebrated his 78th birthday on Friday in a meeting with supporters in Palm Beach and took the opportunity to criticize US President Joe Biden and promise that the US is going to produce an independent "Iron Dome" system to protect itself from missile attacks.

Even before the speech, Trump received an extraordinary 6-tier birthday cake with pictures of the former president on it.

"By next term we will build a great Iron Dome over our country. We deserve a dome. We deserve it all, made state of the art. It's a missile defense shield, and it'll all be made in America. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Ronald Reagan once wanted an Iron Dome in the US, but at that time we didn't have the technology. We now have the technology. It's all going to be made in the States. We're going to have a big, beautiful Iron Dome. Great opportunity for young people. "

After that, Trump criticized President Biden's Middle East policy, which he claimed causes wars, and his stance on immigration.

Despite the attacks, the current American president still chose to congratulate his rival on his birthday, tweeting "Happy 78th birthday, Donald. Take it from one old guy to another: Age is just a number."