An attack attributed to Israel in the village of Janta in southern Lebanon, northeast of the city of Tyre, was reported overnight Thursday.

According to the reports, the attack targeted a three-story building which was completely destroyed. Two people were killed and at least 20 injured, the reports said.

The Saudi television network Al-Arabiya reported that the attack was an "assassination of a senior member of Hezbollah." The Saudi TV channel Al-Hadath also reported that it was an assassination. It was also reported that the building that was attacked had been rented by Hezbollah.

Israel has not officially commented on the reports at this time.

The strike came after Hezbollah claimed on Thursday that it had launched more than 150 rockets and 30 UAVs at military posts in the Galilee and Golan. The organization claimed responsibility for firing anti-tank missiles at the Yiftah area.

Two IDF soldiers were moderately and lightly injured by the anti-tank fire. They were evacuated for medical treatment at Ziv Hospital in Tzfat and their families were notified.

On Tuesday night, the IDF eliminated senior Hezbollah commander Sami Taleb Abdullah in the area of Jouaiyya in southern Lebanon.

Three additional Hezbollah terrorists were also eliminated in the strike.