Ariye Deri
Ariye DeriOlivier Fitoussi/FLASH90

Religious Zionist Party Director Yehuda Wald published a strongly-worded post on social media against Shas Chairman Ariye Deri's membership in the War Cabinet.

"Aryeh Deri shouldn't come to the War Cabinet meetings anymore until he makes a true step to bring substantial haredi enlistment," Wald wrote.

He added: "He can not morally and ethically send me and my friends to the battlefield to fight for the country when he sits quietly on the side and doesn't do enough so that his children and his voters' children enlist and fight with us. I've had enough."

Meretz chairman Uri Zaki wondered in a comment to Wald: "Didn't you vote for the exemption this week? I'm confused." Wald responded: "No. We voted to continue Benny Gantz's plan. This is a starting point for discussions that will be held in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to form an updated law."

He added: "I expect Deri and his haredi friends in the government to get involved, find solutions, advance significant moves, and understand that we need a substantial change in light of the war."