Netanyahu at Yamam base
Netanyahu at Yamam baseOmer Meron/GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Thursday), visited the special anti-terrorism unit base, together with National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir. At the start of the visit, they spoke with the forum of commanders who took action and commanded the forces of the special anti-terrorism unit and the ISA during the operation to rescue the hostages from Hamas captivity, with the commander of the special anti-terrorism unit first and foremost.

Special anti-terrorism unit commander H briefed Prime Minister Netanyahu and National Security Minister Ben-Gvir on the stages of the operation and the cooperation between IDF and ISA fighters. They then held an additional dialogue with the command staff.

Israel Police Inspector General Yaakov Shabtai, the Prime Minister's Military Secretary, Maj.-Gen. Roman Gofman, and Border Police Commander Brik Yitzhak also participated in the visit.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the conclusion of the visit: "I am here at the special anti-terrorism unit base. I just met with our amazing fighters who rescued the hostages from the jaws of the enemy. Unfortunately, this heroic operation claimed the life of soldier and commander, and wonderful human being, Arnon Zamora, of blessed memory. We have named the operation after him – 'Operation Arnon.'"

"I saw the soldiers. I saw the determination, heroism and devotion to the mission in their eyes. The same heroism, determination and devotion to the mission will enable us to overcome our enemies in both the south and the north, and restore the residents securely to their homes," he said.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said to the soldiers of the special anti-terrorism unit. "You reflect the stature of the entire people, and you have shown that we are ready to do whatever is necessary to rescue our hostages."

"When this reaches the moment of truth, when it rises to the fore, and in the end comes to me for a decision, I think about the entire chain, but in the end, I come to you. I look at you (the commander of the special anti-terrorism unit) and I see ready – or not ready, whether you have doubts or hesitation, because if there is even a drop of hesitation, the operation will not be carried out.

"Therefore, I have come here to say on behalf of the entire people and all friends of Israel around the world, well done, for the heroism and for everything that you have done," the Prime Minister concluded.