The terrorist who was eliminated with senior Hamas officials in Judea and Samaria
The terrorist who was eliminated with senior Hamas officials in Judea and SamariaCourtesy

Border Police officers eliminated one of the armed terrorists who infiltrated the Shvut Rachel farm in Binyamin and set fire to a residential trailer, along with three other terrorists who were with him and tried to escape.

The terrorist, Muhammad Jaber Abdu from the nearby village of Naama, is a released security prisoner and a senior Hamas operative who sat in Israeli prison for 20 years after being involved in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem in 2001 that included planting mortar bombs in a vehicle placed near the Russian Compound.

Upon his release from prison in 2021, Abdu received the title "Commander" in the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas's military wing. He received the title from Hamas leaders in Judea and Samaria - Hassan Yousef and Hussein Abu Kwik.

In addition to the recognition ceremony, Jaber received a personal call from Ismail Haniyeh who congratulated him on his release and praised him for the "resilience and steadfast spirit" he demonstrated in prison.

Hamas's political bureau member Zahar Jabarin held a conversation with him in which he conveyed the blessings of Hamas leaders Salah al-Arouri and Yahya Sinwar on Jaber's release from prison. Jabarin also described Jaber as an "ardent fighter and lion of the Palestinian lions."

The Fighting for Life protest organization commented on the attack: "Even after the massacre in the Gaza region and eight months into the war, the State of Israel refuses to launch an operation to eliminate Hamas's infrastructure in Judea and Samaria. Unlike the extensive activity in Gaza, in Judea and Samaria the security system has settled for administrative and short arrests for some of the Hamas operatives in the area, many of whom have already managed to be released recently from prison and return to their villages even stronger."

"The attack at Shvut Rachel, like a series of other attacks in the past year, were carried out by Hamas operatives in the area - who were actually 'sleeper cells' but their terrorist activities and affiliation with Hamas were open and public. Despite the blaring warning signs and the blood-red writing on the wall, the security system has not yet acted to completely eliminate the terrorist organization's infrastructure, leaving ticking time bombs like the terrorist who was eliminated last night free and happy.

"The State of Israel must wake up and realize that there is no difference between Ramallah and Jenin, or Rafah and Khan Yunis. In these places, they are just waiting for the day of reckoning when they can bring about the destruction of the State of Israel, and what we experience now in small doses in Judea and Samaria could erupt upon us with full force if we do not come to our senses and initiate a decisive military action in advance," the statement concluded.