Weapons found in the terrorists' vehicle
Weapons found in the terrorists' vehicleIsrael Police spokesperson

Border Police officers, together with IDF soldiers, operated on Monday evening, under the precise intelligence guidance of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) in the Palestinian Arab town of Kafr Ni'ma, to arrest one of the terrorists from the squad who torched a residential trailer in the Sde Efraim farm in the Binyamin Region.

When the forces arrived at the compound in which the suspects were hiding, the officers closed in on the building and, in response, the terrorist who was involved in the arson and three other terrorists began to flee the scene in a vehicle and tried to run over the security forces.

In response, the soldiers opened fire on the car and neutralized the terrorist who was involved in the arson along with the other terrorists who were in the car.

Upon searching the vehicle, the officers found a Carlo-type weapon, a combat vest and explosive charges.

One officer suffered minor injuries to his foot and was evacuated for medical treatment.

הצתת הקרוואןמצלמות אבטחה

Firefighters from the Binyamin fire station worked overnight Sunday to extinguish the fire in the residential trailer.

The firefighters reported that they identified two armed terrorists in the area who ignited the blaze. Despite the threat, the firefighters worked to put out the flames and to ensure that no one was trapped in the structure.