Biden (right) and Trump (left)
Biden (right) and Trump (left)Flash 90

Most Americans who will vote for President Biden in the upcoming US presidential elections will do so not out of belief in his policies but due to their opposition to Donald Trump.

A new survey by CBS found that 54 percent of Biden's potential voters admitted they would vote for him "out of opposition to Trump." This is an increase of 7 percent from a similar survey conducted last March.

Only 27 percent of Biden's voters said they would vote for the incumbent president "because they like him," a decrease of 4 percent compared to the previous survey in March, while only 19 percent said they would "vote for Biden because he is the Democratic party's candidate."

The survey was conducted after Trump's conviction in the "hush money" case and ahead of his sentencing.

The survey also examined the status of both candidates in the general elections to be held in November. Trump is supported by 50 percent compared to 49 percent for Biden. In the swing states, 50 percent said they would vote for Biden compared to 49 percent for Trump.

The good news for Trump is that 55 percent said "Trump's conviction will not be a consideration in their voting" while only 28 percent said "the conviction will be a major consideration in their vote." 80 percent of Trump's voters claimed in the survey that "the indictments are a result of Biden administration actions and not of the local prosecutors."