Elimination of a terrorist who emerged from a tunnel
Elimination of a terrorist who emerged from a tunnelIDF spokesperson

The 98th Division carried out a joint attack in eastern Deir al-Balah and eastern al-Burayj above and underground while simultaneously destroying the terror infrastructure and launch sites near the surrounding communities.

The forces, in cooperation with the Yahalom special forces engineering unit, are advancing in underground combat and so far have destroyed several tunnel routes.

The Kfir Brigade located weapons and arrested several terrorists who were transferred for further investigation by security forces.

During the fighting, the 101st Battalion identified a terrorist emerging from a tunnel with an RPG missile using a drone. The soldiers attacked the tunnel and eliminated the terrorist with small arms fire and tank shells.

The 7th Brigade is fighting in eastern al-Burayj. The forces eliminated terrorists, among them a Nukhba terrorist who participated in the October 7th attack, and destroyed rocket launch areas and launchers.

Armored Corps soldiers raided a Hamas training compound and destroyed it.