A Jewish teenager was assaulted while counter-protesting an anti-Israel march on Sunday in Liverpool, UK.

The 15-year-old boy, identified by the North West Friends of Israel (NWFOI) organization by the name Akiva, stood in front of a march organized by Liverpool Friends of Palestine wearing an Israel soccer jersey, a kippa, and a hostages dog tag and holding a placard with pictures of the hostages.

Video of the incident shows that as the march approached the boy, one demonstrator assaulted him, tearing the placard in half. A second later, a second demonstrator charged at Akiva, and snatched what remained of the sign from his hand. The marchers then proceeded to pass the teen, with many accosting him and getting in his face.

Police were not seen in the video interfering in the assault.

A post by NWFOI shares the teen's account of the incident: "My name is Akiva and I am a member of NWFOI. Today I decided to make a peaceful, silent stand against the weekly pro-Palestinian rallies in Liverpool, which as a Jew, feels threatening to me and my people.

"I stood proudly in my Israel football shirt and kippah holding a homemade Bring Them Home hostage poster."

He continued: "Within seconds things turned nasty. My poster was ripped out of my grasp and stolen. At this point, I decided to stand firm and not back down. Despite now only displaying a kippah and Star of David the abuse did not let up. Grown adults were shouting in my face, hurling abuse and one tried to hit me with their wooden placard. There was no police presence."

He added that after the incident, "several onlookers congratulated me on making a stand and that my peaceful protest did not warrant the abuse it received."

Turning to the police, he stated: "I feel that we need to understand that these protests are not peaceful like they claim and are a breeding ground for hate. Shame on Mersey Police for allowing these hate-filled mobs to go unchecked."