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A well-meaning friend tried to convince a Jerusalem bride to break up her engagement one week before the wedding. Naomi Weiss is from the well-known Anglo neighborhood of Maalot Dafna, whose story is public with significant media coverage.

She shared, “Her comment broke me because it came at the end of a series of letdowns throughout my engagement, as I begged people for help and faced countless refusals and cold shoulders. It made me all the more determined to get married. I come from a disadvantaged family. My father passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest, and we’ve been living in extreme poverty since then often lacking bread and running water.”

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Naomi and her family can’t afford any of the wedding costs, and Naomi is reportedly planning on wearing an old black dress since she can’t afford even the simplest gown. No venue has been booked, and not even the closest family has been invited. The worst is the lack of a house for the couple to live in after marriage.

“Society tried to tell me that my dream of a happy functioning home can’t become reality, and I’m about to believe them. I have one last hope though: a public fund I set up to raise money that will allow me to get married with dignity. Whenever I think of giving up, the image of my groom's face when he proposed to me comes to mind, and I know it will all be worth it in the end.”

The fund has raised a small percentage of the goal, however, the wedding can only occur if the full amount is raised. Sponsorship opportunities were made available, and readers can allow Naomi to get married by contributing to the campaign page. With no father to help her, charity is the only thing Naomi can rely on.