soldiers in Gaza
soldiers in GazaIDF spokesperson

It is impossible not to be excited about the wonderful news of the release of the captives in the daring operation the likes of which has not been seen since the famous Entebbe operation decades ago.

After already managing to rescue the bodies of three captives a few weeks ago, now all units and bodies involved in the brave rescue have acted together in an awe-inspiring way, risking their lives and demonstrating extraordinary dedication.

They successfully freed all four captives from the terrible captivity, healthy and whole, including Noa Argaman, whom we all witnessed being cruelly kidnapped on a motorcycle by the cursed terrorists.

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Now we are privileged to witness the miracle unfolding before our eyes as they return home.

Sadly, we lost during the complex operation the revered YAMAM warrior Major (res.) Arnon Zamora, who bravely entered first into the ambush to pave the way for the rescue team to liberate the captives. His heart was injured by the terrorist's fire, leaving behind a loving family with a wife, two young children, and thousands of admirers who speak of a special and noble soul beyond imagination.

Even after the courageous rescue, our brave soldiers do not stop. At this very moment, they continue to search and overturn every stone in the hell of Gaza to bring home more captives and eliminate the Hamas terrorists and their cronies through self-sacrifice and dedication to the entire people of Israel.

While our dear soldiers face these immense challenges and dangers, let us not forget those The Covert Warriors who sent them courageously, those who stand behind them as no less than heroes – their families. Their wives, children, brothers, and sisters whose hearts ache with worry about their well-being at every moment, and yet they are proud, support, and encourage them to carry out this heroic mission, while giving up their personal needs for the sake of the people of Israel.

They struggle alone to deal with raising their children and managing the household, alongside fears, loneliness, and worry for the fate of their loved ones in the midst of the battlefield, paying a heavy personal price!

It is difficult to describe in words what a young child goes through, not having seen their father for months and knowing that he is in danger on the battlefield, how much they worry and cope with the constant concern for their parents’ safety. The constant burden of emotions and pressure threatens the physical and mental well-being of the heroic soldiers' children, and amidst all of this, their mothers are forced to deal with it alone, continuing to endure and hold the household together on their weary shoulders.

What seems like a journey of bravery for the soldiers translates into a tough battle in the families' homes, where they grapple with great difficulties over an extended period. Daily reality is full of constant challenges and uncertain security, as women and children continue to independently face risks and pressures.

In such challenging times, these beloved families, the women, and their children, rely on us to provide them with the support and assistance they need right now!

We owe them our gratitude and must help them in every possible way so that at least the economic burden does not fall on them in addition to all the suffering they already experience!

With all their immense and unforgettable struggles, these women and children, along with the serving soldiers on the front lines, are an inseparable part of the defense and survival process of the state!

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