Minister Bezalel Smotrich
Minister Bezalel SmotrichLivegiving photography and broadcasts

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich addressed the inauguration of the new campus of the Torah VeHa’aretz Institute in Nitzan.

Referring to the institute's origins in the Gush Katif community in Kfar Darom, Minister Smotrich declared: "Start planning the next center in Gush Katif. Our heroic soldiers are destroying the evil of Hamas and will conquer the Gaza Strip. And the truth must be said, where there's no settlement, there's no security."

The Minister added: "The cabinet's operational decision includes a decision for long-term operational control by the IDF in Gaza to remove the threat in Gaza and to ensure it won't return. There is no precedent for military control without civilian presence."

Also present at the event were Institute President Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Moshe Shlomo Amar, municipal rabbis, rabbinical judges, ministers, and MKs.

The new campus in Nitzan is open to the public and houses a visitor center, garden, guestrooms, dining room, synagogue, and more.