Israeli strikes in Lebanon
Israeli strikes in LebanonAyal Margolin/Flash90

The Biden administration has warned Israel in recent weeks against war with Hezbollah in Lebanon and warned it could push Iran to intervene, Axios reported on Thursday citing two US officials and one Israeli official.

According to the report, the Biden administration told Israel it doesn't think "a limited war" in Lebanon or a "small regional war" is a practical option since it will be difficult to prevent it from widening and spinning out of control.

The US reportedly warned Israel that even if a ground operation would only be carried out in areas close to the border it would probably push Iran to intervene.

The administration warned that Lebanon would be liable to be flooded with Iranian-backed militias from Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah have been escalating more every week. At the beginning of the week, UAV and missile launches caused wildfires in several locations in northern Israel.

On Wednesday, a Hezbollah drone that exploded on a soccer field in Hurfeish killed Staff Sergeant (res.) Refael Kauders and wounded others.