Natan Peretz
Natan Peretzצילום: Courtesy

Just 2 days ago, an update was released about Natan Peretz, a father of one, imprisoned in Moldova for 5 months without a fair trial. His short message, where he begs people to bring him home, was met with a strong reaction, as a movement strengthened to campaign for his release.

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A close friend of Peretz released a statement that showed the message's effect on those who listened. “His recording shook us all up. We all knew his conditions were terrible, however, nothing could prepare us for the sound of his voice in that 1-minute message.

He was evidently trying to restrain himself from tears, wanting to deliver a clear message. But it was too much for him. Those seconds when he broke down, gave us a glimpse into the raw terror that he’s been living with constantly for the past 5 months.”

Many readers echoed his sentiment. Natan’s story has been in the news for a while as people celebrated when the court permitted him a chance at freedom when they declared he could go free, for a fine of $120,000. However, the sound of Natan’s voice showed readers new details about the inhumane conditions he was living in and revealed 3 death threats he had narrowly escaped.

Efforts have picked up to free Natan. The family tragically cannot afford to pay the fine and has set up a crowdfunding page as a last hope to bring Natan home. His wife shared, “I’m so moved by all the people who donated in the last few moved. We still need another $80,000 to pay the fine, without it, my 3-year-old daughter and I may never see Natan again. We can only free Natan with your help!”

If the goal is not reached, Natan will live out the rest of his years/face death threats. Readers can contribute to bringing him home and learn more about his story by visiting the campaign page.