Oketz K-9 Unit dog in action
Oketz K-9 Unit dog in actionMichael Giladi/Flash90

Soldiers of the paratroopers’ corp, who stormed the Jabaliya refugee camp about two weeks ago, sent an Oketz K-9 Unit dog into a building where terrorists were apparently hiding.

According to a Ynet report, when the dog did not come back to the soldiers after some time and they did not hear any sounds of struggle or barking, they decided to close in on the house to examine the unusual event.

The soldiers sent a drone into the building to search for the dog and after a while located the dog lying in an alley near the building, but it was not clear if he was alive.

The soldiers approached the site to collect the dog, but were surprised to find that it had disappeared again. They resent the drone to a nearby building, where it found the dog lying on the floor.

The soldiers became suspicious and feared that the terrorists had killed him and planted explosive devices under the dog to harm the IDF soldiers that would come to collect its body.

The area was safely neutralized of charges, and the dog's body was taken for burial in the cemetery of Oketz K-9 dogs, at the Adam facility, near Modi'in.