An Israeli man was shot late this afternoon in southern Jerusalem - the Gilo neighborhood - by Palestinian terrorists operating out of Beit Jala. He suffered a wound in the area of the eye; hospital officials have not yet announced his condition.

PLO terrorist snipers in Hevron opened fire around 11:00 this morning from the Abu Sneineh - renamed Shalhevet - Hills at the Avraham Avinu neighborhood below. No injuries were reported, and Israeli soldiers returned fire. Arabs fired at the Jews last night as well; one bullet penetrated a caravan in the Admot Yeshai (Tel Romeida) neighborhood. The Jewish residents continue to man the protest tent opposite and below Abu Sneineh, demanding that the hills be conquered by the army and made safe for the Jews below. Some of them began climbing the hills in response to what they felt was the soldiers\' ineffectual response today, hoping to force the Israeli army to conquer the hills. The Jews were forced down.

Shots were fired at Psagot into the early hours of the morning last night... This morning, a van transporting teachers was fired upon near the Otniel junction, south of Hevron. Seven bullets hit the vehicle, but no one was hurt... Other areas targeted by Palestinian mortars, shooting, or bombs today include Netzer Hazani, northern and southern Gaza, the Shomron community of Einav, and more.

Hizbullah\'s threats to bombard northern Israeli communities with Katyusha rockets have so far had no practical effect. Guesthouses there continue to be filled at an almost 100% rate, and no unusual movements have been detected by Hizbullah forces in Lebanon. Israel Air Force jets broke the sound barrier over Beirut and Lebanese areas under Syrian control.

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