Stanley Stern, NORPAC President and a philanthropist, spoke at the Israel Heritage Foundation event organized with Arutz Sheva. The event was hosted by Israel Heritage Foundation Executive Vice President Dr. Joseph Frager & Exec. Dir. Rabbi David Katz.

“First of all, to the people, the parents who lost a son, I don't know what to say", Stern said, "What you have sacrificed, what you all sacrificed. We have many friends in Israel, many cousins and my cousins’ kids were in Gaza and up north. I cannot imagine, but thank you for everything. Thank you, thank you for everything.”

Stern added that, “There are a lot of people here who do a lot of work in Washington DC., and all I want to say is in addition to what we do in Israel, which we can never match, for those of you who are involved, we all need to be more involved. For those who are not involved, you need to get more involved. There's no replacing what we need out of Washington and the pressure that these people are on from the other side is incredibly powerful and gets bigger every day. Even while we were in Washington DC with our 2,000 person group, we met 400 members of Congress. In the halls of Congress you see people walking up and down with kafias. They're out there lobbying just as well. They're out there lobbying just as actively as we are. You have a president who, you know the joke, has a two-state solution – Michigan and Minnesota. Sadly, it's very, very serious.”

He concluded by saying, "Thank you to the Rabbi, for having me here again. Thank you all for what you do, for Bnei Yisrael. Whatever we do is not enough. Joe said we're the greatest people. Maybe we are, but we have lived a charmed life. We watched Eretz Yisrael come out of nothing to be an incredible power and October 7th changed everything for all of us. It will never go back to being the same. If we want to maintain our place, we have to start fighting for it, every day, tooth and nail.”